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FINALLY after more 2 years since Rob leave Budapest, I could see Gorgeos Duroy on big screen on Saturday midnight april 21st. its a very long and exhausted roller coaster waiting. the producers seem not so sure to release the movie into the market. Even rob himself pointed out that they try to made Duroy more likable character to board the market.

So the¬†theater when I saw Bel Ami last night just filled with 15 people including me and my Husband (bless him for willing accompany me watched Bel Ami in the middle of the night ūüôā ), 3 teeneger, other couple¬† I believe just like myself who dragged her husband into the¬†theater and 2 groups young women whose very chatting and one of them complaining that Rob was not handsome enough¬† (like edward) and look old .. *rollingeyes

Iam not really enjoying the story line of Bel Ami, but I did enjoying his journey, his ambition, his fear .. . The movie opened with Duroy who broke, no money, no food and struggling with himself but then still decide to crashing a bar to spend his last money on cheap beer. He meet his old friend from military, Forestier, who invited him into his house and opened a door for him to climbing a new society status in Paris.

Duroy is a shallow man with big ambition and he so damn lucky person who finally get everything he wanted in his life fame, respect and money. I enjoying his changes of gesture when  he was still a poor man with lack of confindent to a  man who calculating everything to reach what he want. the women in Bel Ami gave a decent performance except Uma thurman who little bit over acting but still give a convincing performance as an ambitious woman. Kristin Scott Thomas (english patient) gave the best performance as a naive wifehouse who got seduced by Duroy and completely falling over him.

and for ROB …, you can tell me biased but I think Iam quite honest about his performance on his other movies ( Iam not really impressed with him on Water for Elephant) .. so I’ll write this : “his acting is very good as Duroy, in 2 hour watching I just see Duroy with all his emotions” .. and I really dont get it why are there still people said he has wooden expression and dull acting — He nailed it as Duroy.

But over all the movie kinda rush and jumping everywhere, the edited is bad. But I got new boost to finish the book , because in movie they talked about Paris Politics situation on that time and its like learning a history and I love anything about history


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